Who’s Monitoring the High School Weight Room?

March 23rd, 2012 by Andrea McDonough · No Comments · Sports Medicine, Sports Parenting

When I talk to Physical Therapists, I always ask, “What concerns do you have about teenage athletes and weight training?”

Close to 100% of the time I get a sigh. Here are some responses:

“Nobody monitors those kids. There are more injuries created in the weight room because of poor weight lifting form than from actual play on the field.”

“Guys load up the weight and then over-do. They want big chests and big arms. There is a guy thing to challenge each other to see who can lift the most without ANY consideration for using proper form and techniques. There’s little supervision and lots of opportunity for injuries.”

“Girls worry about getting big. They believe lifting will make their legs and arms too big. They want flat abs and “cut” arms. In reality, girls do not have sufficient blood levels of testosterone to bulk up the way guys can. Low weights with lots of repetition can help them become strong which in turn can help prevent injuries. “

So, parents, who IS monitoring your athlete’s weight room?

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